Best Moto G Pure screen protectors 2022

Even though it's not particularly exciting, the dirt-cheap Moto G Pure can still be considered among the best Android phones under $200 you can buy. One of the standout features of this budget device is the big, 6.5-inch display that works well for content consumption. That said, a panel this large definitely needs protection, which is why we've rounded up some of the best Moto G Pure screen protectors available.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 bands 2022

As you start shopping for the Galaxy Watch 3 bands, you'll see that there's a wide variety of options available. Depending on what model you have, you'll need a band that matches its size. Be sure to choose one that both matches your personal style while providing maximum comfort for your wrists. I've gathered some of my favorites when it comes to the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 bands on the market!

Does the Amazon Echo Show 5 have a camera?

Best answer: Yes, there is a front-facing camera that you can use for video chat. Amazon has included a shutter that slides over the camera to better protect your privacy. What is the Echo Show 5? It's the latest smart display created by Amazon. With it, you can ask Alexa to play music, open Amazon Prime Video, check your calendar, make video calls, and much more. You'll also be able to control your smart home, both by giving verbal commands to Alexa and by adjusting things like thermostat temperatures on the screen.

Fortnite: Where to find Compact Cars, Lockie's Lighthouse, and a Weather Station

With a brand new season of Fortnite comes brand new challenges, and Chapter 2 has once again changed up the way players will be taking them on. For the recent Forged in Slurp set of missions, one of the challenges for this week will have you scouring one of the games new loading screens for a hidden letter, and making your way to it in the game. This one can be tough if you don't know where to look, but thankfully we've found where to go, so you don't have to.

Galaxy Watch 4 battery life could blow every other Wear OS watch out of the water

What you need to knowThe Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 could have impressive battery life.The smartwatch is said to feature roughly the same battery capacity as its predecessor.Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Watch 4 at its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event.Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked is just over a week away, and we continue to gain more information about its upcoming devices. The latest tidbit claims that the Galaxy Watch 4 will feature fairly impressive battery life, clocking in at up to a week.

How to clean your Oculus Quest

When you game in VR, you're wearing your system right on your face. The Oculus Quest is no different, and that means that after a few hardcore sessions you might be wondering how to keep your headset and controllers clean. With a mixture of hard plastic, fabric, and foam pads it means that you'll need to use different methods for each different part of your Quest. How to clean your Oculus QuestKeeping your VR headset clean isn't just a good idea; it also makes for better gameplay.

How to load movies onto your Oculus Go

So you couldn't resist that great price point and you bought yourself an Oculus Go. You've spent a little time with it. You've played with a few apps and gotten ensconced in a few games. However, you're now ready to watch some movies on this modern wonder. Whether you are working with a Windows system or MacOS, it's a breeze to do. Here's how! WindowsConnect your Oculus Go to your PC with a micro USB cable.

How to transfer your bookmarks and favorites to Google Chrome

If you've been a power user of the Internet as long as I have, there's a good chance you have your favorite sites saved to your bookmarks or favorites bar. And if you're new to Google Chrome, you can easily move all your bookmarks over. Here's how to move your bookmarks to Google Chrome! Automatically import your bookmarks from within ChromeChrome has a built-in method for importing bookmarks from Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge.

How to use Drive to back up photos and video to Google Photos and Drive

Google Drive is one of the best cloud services you can use to back up your data. Google recently changed its old desktop app, Backup and Sync, to a new app called Drive. This app syncs files from the cloud to your computer locally and vice versa. One built-in capability is to backup photos to either Google Drive, Google Photos, or both. It's a straightforward process, and we'll show you how to do it.

Is the Moto G7 waterproof?

Best answer: No, the Moto G7 is not waterproof. However, it is "splash-resistant", meaning that it should be able to withstand the elements if you get caught in the rain. No waterproofing here In 2019, it's pretty common for high-end phones to have some type of IP waterproof rating. But because it comes with certification costs and a boatload of additional engineering, it ramps up the cost — something a budget phone like the G7 can't afford.